How to make a Money as a Student

For students, it is quite hard to juggle between student life and social life, as you have to study while also making sure that your social life is taken care of. But sometimes, we don’t have the funds to do both of it, as books can be quite expensive and beers are not free during the night. In this article, we have listed several tips on ways to make money for students, make sure to read this article, fellow students.

Get a job

full time career
The first obvious reason for you to make more money is to get a job, be it a part-time or a full-time job. A plus point is to get a job that might give you money, besides the experience that is. If you like to cook why not work at a restaurant? If you like to drink coffee, consider applying to a cafe. Whatever it is, make sure that the job doesn’t disturb with your studying schedule as well, you do have to sacrifice some parts of your social life though.

Tip: Make sure to look at campus boards as they have job offerings being placed there, which can be a good opportunity for you to do.


If your schedule is hectic, but you still need some money, consider applying for a freelance job on the web. Some clients are willing to pay money while giving you an online job. This is perfect in case you want to study, hang out while at the same time making money, but if you can’t manage your time well, this won’t be a pleasant job to do.

Tip: Try sites such as Freelancer or Upwork to find a job, and try to ask around for more information.

Open up a business

This one is harder compared to a normal job or becoming a freelance, but it’s still possible. If you’re a student and thinking to open up a business, why not? If your idea is fresh and it’s realistically possible to be executed, opening a store might be a great idea. The benefit of opening a business is the income potential is much greater compared to a regular job or a freelance. But the downside of having a business is that you might have to invest some money and time to the business, not to mention you have to prepare some precautions in case your business doesn’t work out.