4 Strategies to Improve Your SAT Score


High school students, particularly those who are already in their junior or senior year, are excited to graduate and finally move on to college and start a new chapter of their lives. Well, who doesn’t want to reach that stage and be more independent?

However, before all that happens, there is one thing that everybody has to go through, which is the Scholastic Aptitude Test or simply SAT that is used by colleges and universities in the United States as an entrance exam. The higher your score is, the higher your chances of getting admitted to the college of your choice. Consider taking up the SAT Prep Courses By Prep Expert to ensure that you will do well.

Furthermore, here are strategies to help you improve your SAT score:

Read and Write

readingThis important exam involves critical reading as well as writing essays. You will surely come across lots of big words, so it is essential that you widen your vocabulary by reading different kinds of books. If you see some words that are new to you, take note of them and look up their meanings.

Aside from that, you also have to practice writing and make sure that you know how to properly compose paragraphs, etc. You can check out practice exams and see what the usual essays are all about.

This phase will require you to commit your time. Therefore, you should do it as early as you can. You should start reviewing a few months or even a year before you actually take the SAT.

Gather Review Materials

There are plenty of review materials out there that can help you prepare for the test. Take advantage of books as well as online resources. And like what we have mentioned above, you may also opt to enroll in prep courses offered by reputable review centers. These institutions will equip you with all the things that you need to know about the exam.

Do Practice Tests

Taking practice exams is also an excellent way to prepare yourself for the actual test. This can be provided to you by your school or a review center. You can also go online and find some mock exams. The more you do this, the confident you will be during the real test.


Understand the Important Formulas

Many students hate formulas. But whether you like it or not, they are a part of the SAT. With this in mind, it is crucial that you understand and don’t just memorize them so you can easily apply them when you are already taking the actual test.…

What to Look for When Choosing a Daycare

children playing

Sending your child to daycare is a great parenting milestone. Considering different factors, finding the right daycare program can be quite challenging and overwhelming for any parent. That is because you will leave your child under the care of others, and that is more than enough to cause anxiety. Fortunately, you can find-quality daycare centers. Affordable care in Yorba Linda is possible with centers providing an engaging, safe, and environmentally-friendly environment for young children. These are some of the vital things to look for when choosing the right daycare.

Curriculum and Program

It does not matter how young your little one is; it is not early to start age-appropriate learning. Therefore, when searching for a daycare facility, you should take your time to learn the center’s curriculum and program. Start by finding out the lessons taught and whether the lessons are appropriate for your child. Find out their goals for teaching and whether the programs are tailored according to the child’s developmental stage and age. Moreover, you want to ensure your child has adequate playtime as it is important for the child’s growth.

School Environment

daycare facilityThe other thing to look for when choosing the right daycare is the environment. Ensure you choose a childcare center with a welcoming environment. For instance, the location ought to be safe for young children. Check whether the school has security and safety procedures to protect children. Are classrooms, playgrounds, and buildings safe for kids? What are the safety hazards you should be concerned about?

Facilities and Materials

A high-quality daycare center has a warm and friendly environment perfect for learning. Ensure you choose a daycare with sanitary and clean buildings and classrooms. Check their learning materials and toys to ensure they are child-friendly and safe.

Day to Day Activities

Daily routines and activities vary greatly between the daycare centers. Some people invest a lot of time in structured classroom activities, whereas others focus on outdoor activities and trips. It is advisable to look at your child’s needs and behavior and choose a daycare program that suits you. Moreover, you should consider the way it complements your parenting.


You can find out whether the care center is good by talking to other parents. In this case, you can ask other parents or family members and friends for their recommendations. You can ask them about the options they recommend. It is advisable to carry out extensive research and visit daycare’s website.…

Why Is It Crucial to Read Aloud When Teaching Your Toddler


If you develop a strong culture of reading in your house at the very beginning when you had your first child, the tendency is that you are growing a family with smarter kids. Reading stimulates the mind, and it can foster the development of language and vocabulary proficiency, which are measures of intelligence. Indeed, teaching our toddlers how to read has many other benefits, and so every parent should start teaching their children how to read while they are still young.

To ensure success in your endeavor, how child learns to read is crucial. While he may not be able to understand what you are reading at first, reading aloud in his presence will help him develop his listening skills, which is important when you start teaching him how to read. Reading aloud, slowly, and clearly will surely capture his attention. Look for children’s books that have colorful illustrations, and your child will surely be interested in turning the pages himself. Reading aloud the captions will help him identify the objects.

Here are the benefits of reading aloud while teaching your child.

bookDevelops His Listening Skills

When teaching your child by reading aloud, you are shooting two birds at the same time. You are not only developing his reading abilities but also his listening skills. Make your reading a little more exciting, like changing the tone of your voice. This will negate his short attention span.

Helps in Language Development

Reading aloud, slowly, and clearly will trigger your toddler to follow the words you are saying. Let him practice some more by reading the same words over again. This will lead to language development. It will also build word-sound awareness, which can determine the success of your reading sessions.

Supports Academic Growth

When a child falls behind in improving his reading skills compared to his classmates in school, the tendency is that he also be behind in other subjects. There is no subject where reading has no vital role. Indeed, when your child is advanced in his reading, there is no way that he will not excel in other subjects too.


Develops Cognitive Skill

Reading aloud should not be stopped even if your child is now advanced in his reading. Reading aloud helps in developing cognitive skills. In some studies, it was learned that reading aloud can alleviate stress and mental suffering. It can also create curiosity, trigger motivation, and enhance memory, which are all indicators of a smart child.…

Why You Should Attend Excel Seminars

Microsoft excel courses

If you have been using the computer for a long time, you will agree with me that, it takes time to get used to software programs. You need to explore and learn more every day because the software’s are dynamic. If you are planning to use excel as a source of income, it will be rewarding to take up excel seminars. You will be paving your way to opportunities and self-improvement by attending related seminars. This article will discuss more reasons why it is key to sign up for Excel courses. Read on.


Seminars are led by professionals and training agencies with experience in the matter of discussion. Allowing yourself to get coaching from the experts is a great way to learn. You will get the opportunity to ask questions and learn a lot about issues in that area. You can be sure that all your doubts will be handled in such a forum. The practical sessions during the seminar will enable you to learn how to handle some of the problematic things upfront.


During seminars, the attendees are offered training resources that are accurate and reliable for use during the seminar and in the future. Some might be only applicable for the period of training, but the good thing is you will get to learn. You will be taught how to make use of the material in your daily excel life.

Personalized Direction

The curriculum used during excel seminars is tailored towards achieving a specific goal. Some agencies go an extra mile of designing basic, intermediate and advanced learning materials. This means that everyone in the meeting will get materials for their level, which will help them in the future. You will have an opportunity to remind yourself of the basics and learn what you have never learned before. It is essential to keep yourself updated with the latest seminars because as I mentioned, the technology and software world is dynamic, and it is crucial to stay updated.


If you are open-minded and willing to be taught, you will identify some of the mistakes you have been making and correct them. By the time the seminar days are over, you will be able to produce reports better and faster. The time saved from the realizations you made can be used to do more productive things.…

Reasons to Take Your Child to Private School

girl going to school

Taking your kids to a private school is a good way to enhance their education. Paying for private school might be expensive, but it is definitely worth the cost. When looking for a private school for your kid, make sure that you find one that with the right facilities.

Since you are looking for a school that will give you value for money, make sure that it meets the needs of your child. If you want your child to get a good quality education and grow mentally, consider taking them to private school. Here are some reasons to take your child to a private school:

Specialized Attention

If you want your child to get specialized attention, you need to enroll them in a private school. The private school will help your child the special attention that they need. Most of the private schools have small classes, and this means that the teacher can be able to reach every child.

If your child has a problem trying to grasp some things in class, the teacher will give them special attention. Your child can learn better when you take them to private school.

private school board

Parents are Involved

Learning should not be about teachers and students. It is important for the parents to be part of the learning process. Private schools allow parents to be part of the learning process. Once in a while, the teachers invite parents into the school activities.

Making parents part of the learning process is very important for your child. If you want to monitor the progress of your child at all times, consider taking them to private school.

Unique Learning Options

class in sessionIf you want unique learning options, it is important to consider private schools. Each private school has a unique way of learning for students. You have to find a private school that matches the needs of your child.

For instance, there is a private school that offers foreign languages, sports, arts, and even drama. You have to find a private school that will allow your child to learn the way you want them to learn.


Learning is not just academics and extra curriculum activities. It is important for your child to learn some life values. Learning some life values will help your child to grow holistically.

If you want to instill some values in your child, consider a private school. A private school will teach your child about values that you want your child to have while growing up.…

Job Selections for Artists

colorful paintings

Art has been around in whole life, be it in a museum, restaurant, cafe, or in an art convention. It has also been a subject since we’re kids and up to a teenager, until we graduated from senior high school. For some people, art can be a hassle since not everyone is passionate about learning art, while for some, it is a wake-up call that art is their passion. If you’re a starving artist to make some income, make sure to read this article as we’re going to discuss several job selections for artists.

Opening commissions

woman drawing cat doodle
This one is perfect in case you’re just starting out or a professional. Commissions are a perfect way to earn money, while also making customers happy with the things that you drew. So how does a Commission works? A commission works as a customer ask if an artist can draw him something, and if the artist agrees to it, the customer will pay 50:50, depending on the artist’s rules. Usually, the finished product is for personal use, and for business or commercial purposes, you can always charge more depending on the products.

Tip: For more customers, make sure that you’re building your brand image as your art will spread from mouth to mouth.

Working in a game company

If you love games and you love to draw, then this is the perfect job for you. Games company often are looking for artists, and do not worry they need lots of category besides illustration. If drawing humans or monsters are not your forte, maybe you can design their background, or perhaps furniture and many more, the possibilities are endless. An example of a game company is Valve, where they release one of the most popular MOBA game, which is Dota 2.

Tip: Try to look at their websites just to see if they have a job offering for you.

Selling merchandise

artist drawing butterflies
Some people are willing to buy your art, and if you have gathered enough people that wanted to buy your art, you can start selling merchandises with your art. Be it pin, keychain, t-shirts, mug, or even playing cards, the list goes on. Where do you sell this you might ask? You can sell it online or sell it during art conventions, which is a perfect occasion as there will be lots of art lover there, giving you an ideal chance to promote your products.…

Preparing for a Job Interview

professional woman as worker

A job interview is the first step of getting your job, and often the first impression is what leads you getting the job or not. Few factors could cause you to fail the job interview, and hopefully, you didn’t do any of those in front of the interviewer. In this article, we’re going to give you some helpful tips on how to face a job interview, so don’t worry and read this article to find out more about it.

woman holding cup and phoneDo a lot of research

Before you start the job interview make sure that you do a lot of research on the company’s background before you go to the job interview. Doing this will ensure that when you’re asked questions such as ‘What do you know about the company’ You can quickly answer the question with no problem at all. Not to mention the company will appreciate your effort of looking up the company’s background, which also means that you want this job, not just for a random interview.

Tip: Make sure to know a small background of the company, and know what category they are operating in.

Anticipate questions from the interviewer

Before you start to face the interview, make sure that you anticipate some question from the interview, these questions are usually a trick question, and often they are there to test your physiology. Certain questions such as ‘Why do you want to work here’ Might sound simple, but it’s revealing a lot of information or at least the emotional state of yourself.

Don’t be nervousold man nervous

You’ve probably heard it before, but don’t be nervous when doing the job interview, and most importantly don’t stutter as you try to talk. Sign of anxiety and stuttering might signal the interviewer that you’re easily panic, which is not great as that’s another signal that you can’t work under pressure or uncertain work environment, so try to fake it till you finish the job interview.

Tip: practice your speech before you go to the job interview, that way you won’t stutter.

Dress to impress

Another tip to succeed the job interview is by wearing proper clothes, and this depends on the company. If it’s a business company make sure to wear a formal shirt and a suit if it’s a more casual company you can wear something casual, but still look presentable.

Tip: Make sure to wear warm colors, such as blue, brown, gray and black. Avoid sharp colors such as bright red, and yellow.