gender equality in  business

Women on top: Nutrisystem's Dawn Dier and BistroMD's Dr. Cederquist Share their Stories of Success

A week ago my friend who works for WISE dropped off an invitation to a new event called "People Like Me" which aims to help girls discover their creativity, hone their skills of communication and make them more successful in bagging STEM opportunities. WISE was founded on the principle to inspire young girls to study and build careers using science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). With their unique approach to attain gender balance in the STEM workforce, WISE has offered help to several institutions in mentoring and training young women and encouraging them to follow fields of studies which were initially considered to be men's domain.

Of course, WISE has led very effective campaigns over the years with the vision to improve the current statistics of 13% of women who are in the STEM workforce to 20% by the year 2020. With their multiple events lined up to achieve such a goal, I would not consider it a surprise to see women finally being able to achieve a breakthrough in their chosen fields of work, acquire the right of equal pay, and to never face restrictions based on gender bias. Current affairs already prove to be much more receptive to the idea of gender equality in different work fields.

Take the example of Dawn Zier and Dr. Caroline Cederquist. Both these women have become prominent public figures, leading their businesses to newer heights and flouting superficial gender-specific prejudices that society often installs as glass ceilings for women.

Dawn Zier, the first woman to become the chief executive of Nutrisystem food delivery diet, has truly taken this service to a larger audience and made it possible for more people to eat healthy again! The company is now giving away a Nutrisystem coupon code and a Nutrisystem discount code that can be used to get their special meal plans delivered at a discounted rate.

On the other hand, BistroMD was founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, with the intention of providing great meal deliveries to people who want to engage in weight loss programs. Customers can now access their special food plans for a discounted price if they redeem their current Bistro MD coupon at the site

Both Mrs Zier and Dr. Cederquist are women of outstanding achievement, and are often upheld as a symbol of women's true potential. Gender imbalance in workforce has been a topic of huge concern in our society for ages. Women are actually under-represented in science, engineering, technology and the built environment. WISE offers a very valid argument about why it is absolutely essential to introduce gender equality and diversity in the business environment, the domain of science, engineering and technology. It provides a guide to all major and minor companies which deal in these work fields, with the intention to prove that women are a part of the talented workforce that corporations can engage with in order to meet the specific requirements of their clients. Involving women in the team without under-representing them is actually going to improve their economic value—and this defines the success point of any growing business. Plus, this decision will create diversity and unique opportunities for problem-solving. Overall, equal employment opportunities for women in such important work environments are absolutely crucial to achieve optimum success.

Nutrisystem and BistroMD are specific examples which prove this to be true. Being led and founded by Dawn Zier and Dr. Caroline Cederquist respectively, these two meal delivery services have done exceptionally well in the booming world of business.

For Dawn Zier, the fight for weight loss was a very personal one. Having struggled a lot to deal with her weight issues herself, she figured out how important it is to reach out to thousands of others who are facing the same plight like her. Before she became the Chief Executive, the demand for Nutrisystem diet plan had been falling for over five years because the company's directives were not completely in sync with the demands of women customers. Dawn Zier was the first woman who dealt with the problem at its roots, helped women understand their own value and finally take charge of their own lives. She started an app called NuMi which aimed at educating women about fitness lifestyle, and she even introduced the cheap diet kit for low-income shoppers. Her objectives were aimed at actually helping women. She understood the value of women customers and their unique needs. She broke the glass ceiling because she had talent, intuitive decision-making capabilities and the strong drive and ambition to do more. These characteristics set her higher than her male colleagues, and she finally achieved outstanding success.

Dr. Caroline Cederquist is responsible for her unique research on obesity and its genetic causes. She grew up in a family where most members were overweight. For her, obesity was a condition that she grew up with, and this motivated her to understand more about the factors which are responsible for overweight conditions. She engaged herself in a career where she could find her answers and be able to share it with the rest of the world. She became a board certified bariatric physician and focused on metabolism, nutrition and weight management. After spending years on research and gathering data by observing her own patients, she finally created her own unique weight management program called BistroMD. This diet includes enough proteins, the right kind of carbs, plenty of fiber, essential minerals and vitamins, and even just the right amount of healthy fats. Her interest in STEM workforce actually helped her to make a real difference in the lives of over thousands of people who are plagued by the problems of obesity.

Women today are walking along with men with the intention of contributing something worthwhile in order to help the lives of many. Institutions like WISE are focusing on creating enough platforms to inspire girls to shoot for the stars and achieve acknowledgement for their contributions. Dr. Caroline Cederquist and Dawn Zier stand as an example of hope for all women who demand equality in their workforce, equal opportunities for growth and commendations for their success. All research projects and corporate endeavors related to the STEM workforce will indeed benefit from women participation, and WISE is doing its very best to share this fact with the rest of the world.